“Feminism remained the f-word of Mexican vocabularies.”1

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Research Questions

What questions did we want to answer in regards to the role of women in Mexican history and culture? What kind of questions can you hope to learn the answers to after navigating this site? How has feminism in Mexico emerged, developed, and evolved throughout the 20th century?  Do the origin myths of Mexican women…

Thesis Statement

We hope you will concur with our ultimate argument regarding the development of feminism in Mexico throughout the 20th century. During the 20th century in Mexico, women fought against oppressive patriarchal structures, or machismo, that had been embedded into Mexican culture for centuries. Coming into roles as feminist advocates, over the course of just 100…

Research Website Rationale

We hope to highlight how this website and our research fit within our course , Modern Latin America, and its themes of freedom and citizenship; modernity; and resistance, rebellion, and repression. The topic of feminism in Mexico compliments the studies we have done in this course extremely well. In our research and education of Latin…

1 Cristina Riera Garza, “On Our Toes: Women against the Femicide Machine in Mexico,” World Literature Today 94, no. 1 (2020): 51, https://doi.org/10.7588/worllitetoda.94.1.0050.

Cover Image: F. Pérez Romero (Mexico). n.d. (circa 1935-1950), Mexican women, probably state workers, seated in an audience and holding signs., photographs, gelatin silver prints, https://library-artstor-org.proxy.bc.edu/asset/SCHLES_130752581.

Header Image: Mariana Yampolsky, Mexican, 1925, 1989, Mazahua Women, Photography, https://library-artstor-org.proxy.bc.edu/asset/ABARNITZ_10310630011.